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Hospital System

During the post-operative period or in follow-up consultations, the hospital console is the energy source for the heart and enables the doctors to obtain a detailed status report on the functioning of the prosthesis and physiological parameters measured.

Patient System

Communication : A box provides the patient information and relays telediagnostic information to the hospital for remote follow-up of patients with a heart.

Independent operation : The first generation of lithium-ion batteries will enable patients to return home under good conditions with a portable system carried on a trolley or on the patient’s shoulder. This will soon be replaced by a second generation worn directly by the patient using fuel cells which are currently under development and which will provide the device with independent operation for over 12 hours, weighing less than 3 kg.

The implantable part and external parts are equally important.

The intrinsic performances of the CARMAT heart are of course critical. It is these which enable the patient to survive, perfuse the patient’s organs and avoid complications. These will be determining factors for its adoption by the scientific community.

The external system will determine adoption by the patient and by health systems, because it enables the patient to leave the hospital.
  • The direct and indirect costs to the health systems are considerably reduced by the ability of the patient to return home safely.
  • Mobility, independence and automatic adaptation to the patient’s lifestyle are legitimate patient expectations as they support a good quality of life.


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