What does CARMAT do ?
CARMAT is an innovating medtech company whose aim is to offer the first biocompatible, auto-regulated total artificial heart including right and left ventricles designed to be as close as possible to the human heart.

With almost 15 years of development, this project has come from collaboration between Professor Alain Carpentier and the EADS Group in the use of advanced biomaterials and technologies applied to the artificial heart.

What are CARMAT’s strengths based on ?
CARMAT’s strengths are based on 3 solid pillars :

  1. A breakthrough innovation: the only 3rd-generation artificial heart
    1st biocompatible, auto-regulated total artificial heart. The only one which avoids risks of cerebral vascular accidents and which adapts automatically to patients’ needs.

  2. Considerable competitive advantages
    • an experienced multidisciplinary team combining aeronautics skills (EADS Group) with medical skills (Professor Alain Carpentier, inventor of the Carpentier-Edwards® valves).
    • considerable industrial property (10 worldwide patents).
    • worldwide support from the cardiac surgery community (International Scientific Advisory Board, medical partnerships with major French and European transplantation centres).
  3. A global and continually increasing market
    CARMAT is providing a breakthrough technology response to a major public health challenge – advanced heart failure. The CARMAT heart makes up for an availability which is drastically less than demand, for 125,000 patients annually compared to 4,000 who are transplanted at present, i.e. a market of several billion euros.

How big is the potential market for the CARMAT total artificial heart ?
Considering the number of patients eligible for implantation of a total artificial heart (125,000 target patients), we estimate the total market potential for CARMAT to be 20 billion euros.

Is the CARMAT total artificial heart reliable ?
The CARMAT heart has been developed for very high safety using techniques from the aeronautics industry. The reliability tests used including test benches and computer modelling come directly from this industry. The CARMAT heart therefore offers similar reliability to that of a plane on its maiden flight.

These very stringent reliability tests will allow unparalleled objectives to be achieved: lifespan of the total artificial heart of 5 years, equivalent to 230 million beats.

Who are the main shareholders ?
The main shareholders in CARMAT are Truffle Capital (33.58%), EADS Group (32.6%) and Professor Alain Carpentier (14,33%).

What is your development strategy ?
CARMAT’s development strategy benefits from :

  • 15 years of R&D investment already delivered
  • support from AFSSAPS* since 2004
  • pre-industrialisation already achieved through aeronautics skills (simulations and tests on test benches).

The next strategic steps are therefore :

  • first human implantation in 2011
  • obtaining the CE mark in 2013, a pre-requisite for the industrialisation phase
  • marketing of the CARMAT heart from 2013

*French Agency for the Safety of Health Products

What are the potential markets for CARMAT ?
After successful clinical trials, the company’s commercial strategy will target the European market as a priority and then gradually extend to the rest of the world in order to meet the needs of the global advanced heart failure market.